Notifications when you need them

PharmAlarm is a small device that plugs in to a USB port on your computer and flashes when you get a service message in PharmOutcomes. This means you can see at a glance if something needs your attention without having to sign in. It also serves as a visible reminder if you can't deal with things right away.

Colourful Alerts

PharmAlarm flashes in different colours to give you an indication of the sort of message received.

For providers, green indicates a general message. Amber indicates a problem that needs resolving. Blue indicates a referral message. There are many types of messages, all explained within the user guide.


The minimum licence period is twelve months. If you don't want to keep the device at the end of the licence period, simply return it to us in good condition with your details by registered post.


£1 a week*

  • Rental of the PharmAlarm device
  • 1 metre USB extender cable
  • Twelve-month licence of the PharmAlarm software
  • Twelve months support
  • Free replacement of the device if required**
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* All prices exclude VAT. **First replacement free

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Already have a license and a PharmAlarm USB device? Download the latest PharmAlarm software below.

Version 2019

Download for Windows

Download the PharmAlarm 2019 User Guide


Please note

You will need the appropriate technical permissions to be able to install the device on your PC. If you can normally download and install programs such as the BBC IPlayer, then you will be able to install the software. If you cannot do this you will need to seek guidance from whoever has administrative rights on your computer. If you encounter any issues during install/update, please try the solutions below, in order.

Launch the application

Try re-launching the application from the Start Menu: "Pinnacle Health Partnership LLP -> PharmAlarm"


  1. Restart the computer
  2. If PharmAlarm doesn't automatically start within a few minutes, try re-launching the application from the Start Menu. This will be either "Pinnacle Health Partnership LLP -> PharmAlarm" or "Pinnacle Health -> PharmAlarm".


If you experience problems with finding PharmAlarm on your system, you may need to reinstall it, which can be done via the Download button above.

Contact The PharmAlarm Support Team

Tried all of the above steps? Please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.